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RunManager Class Reference

Place to put all building blocks together. More...

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Public Member Functions

 RunManager ()
 ~RunManager ()
void SetNewValue (G4UIcommand *cmd, G4String value)
 for UI More...
void InitializePhysics ()
 set physics list if it is not specified explicitly More...

Detailed Description

Place to put all building blocks together.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ RunManager()

RunManager::RunManager ( )

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620  : G4RunManager(), G4UImessenger(), fFactory(0) {
621  SetUserInitialization(new Detector); // needed for /run/initialize
622  fCmdPhys = new G4UIcmdWithAString("/physics_lists/select",this);
623  fCmdPhys->SetGuidance("Select a physics list");
624  fCmdPhys->SetGuidance("Candidates are specified in");
625  fCmdPhys->SetParameterName("name of a physics list", false);
626  fCmdPhys->AvailableForStates(G4State_PreInit);
627  }
Construct detector geometry.

§ ~RunManager()

RunManager::~RunManager ( )

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628 { delete fCmdPhys; delete fFactory; }

Member Function Documentation

§ InitializePhysics()

void RunManager::InitializePhysics ( )

set physics list if it is not specified explicitly

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§ SetNewValue()

void RunManager::SetNewValue ( G4UIcommand *  cmd,
G4String  value 

for UI

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