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CoulombGalore Namespace Reference


class  EnergyImplementation
class  Ewald
class  EwaldT
class  Fanourgakis
class  Fennell
class  Plain
class  Poisson
class  qPotential
class  ReactionField
class  SchemeBase
class  Splined
class  Wolf
class  Zahn
class  ZeroDipole


typedef Eigen::Matrix3d mat33
typedef Eigen::Vector3d vec3


enum  Scheme {
  plain, ewald, ewaldt, reactionfield,
  wolf, poisson, qpotential, fanourgakis,
  zerodipole, zahn, fennell, qpotential5,


constexpr unsigned int binomial (signed int n, signed int k)
std::shared_ptr< SchemeBasecreateScheme (const nlohmann::json &j)
constexpr unsigned int factorial (unsigned int n)
double powi (double x, int n)
double qPochhammerSymbol (double q, int l=0, int P=300)
double qPochhammerSymbolDerivative (double q, int l=0, int P=300)
double qPochhammerSymbolSecondDerivative (double q, int l=0, int P=300)
double qPochhammerSymbolThirdDerivative (double q, int l=0, int P=300)


constexpr double infinity = std::numeric_limits<double>::infinity()

Detailed Description

modern json for c++ added "_" suffix at around ~version 3.6 Namespace containing all of CoulombGalore

Typedef Documentation

§ vec3

typedef Eigen::Vector3d CoulombGalore::vec3

Typedef for 3D vector such a position or dipole moment

Definition at line 46 of file coulombgalore.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

§ Scheme

enum CoulombGalore::Scheme

Enum defining all possible schemes

Definition at line 52 of file coulombgalore.h.

Function Documentation

§ factorial()

constexpr unsigned int CoulombGalore::factorial ( unsigned int  n)

Returns the factorial of 'n'. Note that 'n' must be positive semidefinite.

Calculated at compile time and thus have no run-time overhead.

Definition at line 85 of file coulombgalore.h.

§ powi()

double CoulombGalore::powi ( double  x,
int  n 

n'th integer power of float

On GCC/Clang this will use the fast __builtin_powi function.

Definition at line 73 of file coulombgalore.h.

§ qPochhammerSymbol()

double CoulombGalore::qPochhammerSymbol ( double  q,
int  l = 0,
int  P = 300 

Help-function for the q-potential scheme.

q-Pochhammer Symbol
qNormalized distance, q = r / Rcutoff
lType of base interaction, l=0 is ion-ion, l=1 is ion-dipole, l=2 is dipole-dipole etc.
PNumber of higher order moments to cancel

The parameters are explaind in term of electrostatic moment cancellation as used in the q-potential scheme.

\[ (a;q)_P = \prod_{n=1}^P(1-aq^{n-1}) \]

where \( a=q^l \). In the implementation we use that \( (q^l;q)_P = (1-q)^P\prod_{n=1}^P\sum_{k=0}^{n+l}q^k \) which gives simpler expressions for the derivatives.

More information here:

Definition at line 110 of file coulombgalore.h.