Oyranos  git-devel
Oyranos is a full featured Color Management System
Environment Variables

Path Variables

The XDG variables affect Oyranos' profile search. Oyranos searches under each provided paths color/icc directory, e.g. XDG_DATA_HOME=~/.local/share results in a additional search in ~/.local/share/color/icc. More details can be found in OpenIccDirectoryProposal at ColourWiki.

Internationalisation Variables

::OY_LOCALEDIR is described together with the internal oy_domain_codeset.

Runtime Variables

OY_MODULE_PATH can contain paths to meta and normal modules together. The given paths are scanned recursively to find the modules.

Debugging Variables

OY_DEBUG influences the internal oy_debug integer variable. Its value changes the output level. See as well oyranos_debug.[h,c] . The configure switch –enable-debug enables most of the available output.
OY_DEBUG_MEMORY sets the internal oy_debug_memory integer variable on and helps somewhat in detecting memory leaks. This variable is dangerous and should not to be run for production use.
OY_DEBUG_DB_MODULE can explicitely specify a module registration string for testing.
OY_DEBUG_OBJECTS is used to frequently print infos about objects on stderr. The value of OY_DEBUG_OBJECTS can be a

OY_DEBUG_OBJECTS_SKIP_CMM_CACHES together with OY_DEBUG_OBJECTS for a cleaner graph
OY_DEBUG_OBJECTS_SHOW_NEW together with OY_DEBUG_OBJECTS for a list of newly allocated objects from a scope - currently CMMapi7 modules
OY_DEBUG_OPTION allows to trace option switching.
Syntax: "name_fragment:value_fragment"
The option is printed in case of a match or no fragment is delivered. The double point ':' is optional.
OY_DEBUG_OPTION_BACKTRACE Integrates backtrace information into OY_DEBUG_OPTION initiated output.
OY_DEBUG_SIGNALS sets the internal oy_debug_signals integer variable on and helps in tracing signals. This variable is dangerous and should not to be run for production use.
OY_DEBUG_THREADS can be set to a integer like OY_DEBUG in order to print thread handling; related OpenMP variable OMP_NUM_THREADS – Specifies the number of threads to use
OY_DEBUG_WRITE together with OY_DEBUG is used to tell, that a file output is appreciated. Writing files will usually slow down debugging.
OY_BACKTRACE can be set to a debug message string and will then place a backtrace text from gdb into the console. That needs the debug message to be visible.