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Oyranos is a full featured Color Management System
Defaults Handling

Percistently stored user and system preferences. More...

Collaboration diagram for Defaults Handling:


 Options API
 The idea behind this API is to provide one layout for presenting a configuration dialog to users. The advantage is, every application, like KDE and Gnome control panels, will inherit the same logic. A user can easily use the one and the other panel without too much relearning.
 Behaviour API
 Set and query for behaviour on various actions.
 Policy API
 Set and export policies in Oyranos.
 Default Profiles
 Configure default profiles.
 Default CMMs
 Provide logical and UI support for Color Matching Module selection.

Detailed Description

Percistently stored user and system preferences.

oyProfile_FromStd() and oyProfiles_ForStd() offer default profile selection in a object oriented way. oyConversion_Correct() applies settings from the above default APIs to a given DAG.