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Oyranos is a full featured Color Management System
Todo List
Module behaviour
is the missing description of available choices
add installation dir
Class oyCMMapi4_s
in commit 5a2b7396 the connection descriptors where moved to oyCMMapi7_s. For a context, which must be created from the processing data this is not relyable, as the interpolator can not be shure that the context plug-in supports the same or larger set of connectors.
Global oyConfigs_s::oyConfigs_FromDB (const char *registration, oyOptions_s *options, oyConfigs_s **configs, oyObject_s object)
implement JSON DB rank map
Class oyConnector_s
generalise the connector properties
Class oyConnectorImaging_s
generalise the connector properties
Global oyConversion_s::oyConversion_ToText (oyConversion_s *conversion, const char *head_line, int reserved, oyAlloc_f allocateFunc)
Should this function generate XFORMS compatible output? How?
Global oyFilterGraph_s::oyFilterGraph_ToText (oyFilterGraph_s *graph, oyFilterNode_s *input, oyFilterNode_s *output, const char *head_line, int reserved OY_UNUSED, oyAlloc_f allocateFunc OY_UNUSED)
Should this function generate XFORMS compatible output? How?
Global oyGetBehaviour (oyBEHAVIOUR_e type)
The options should silently fallback to defaults.
Class oyOption_s
include the oyOptions_t_ type for gui elements should be used in a list oyColorTransformOptions_s to form a options set oyOptions_t_ covers as well the UI part which should be separated as of the SimpleToolkitAbstraction project: http://www.oyranos.org/wiki/index.php?title=XML_Plug-in_options As of this architecture change The UI part must be decided to obtain a place. Probably in oyOptions_s? Thus the oyOption_s::name member should be removed.
Global oyOptionChoicesGet (oyWIDGET_e option, int *choices, const char ***choices_string_list, int *current)
In the future a second choices_string_list may appear for displaying.
Global oyOptions_s::oyOptions_GetText (oyOptions_s *options, oyNAME_e type)
streamline output and group, avoid writing all levels for each key
Class oyPixelAccess_s
clear about pixel buffer copying, how to reach the buffers, thread synchronisation, simple or complex pixel areas (point, line, area, pattern )
Global oyPixelAccess_s::oyPixelAccess_Create (int32_t start_x, int32_t start_y, oyFilterPlug_s *plug, oyPIXEL_ACCESS_TYPE_e type, oyObject_s object)
how can we know about the various module capabilities
  • back report the processed number of pixels in the passed pointer
  • restrict for a line interface only, would fit to oyArray2d_s
  • + handle inside an to be created function oyConversion_RunPixels()
value range
Module policy
define some default policies internally