phpMv  -UI toolkit 2.2.2
jQuery, jQuery UI, Twitter Bootstrap and Semantic-UI library for php & php MVC Frameworks
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Visual components library (JQuery UI, Twitter Bootstrap, Semantic-UI) for php and php MVC frameworks

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What's phpMv-UI ?

phpMv-UI is a visual components library for php : a php wrapper for jQuery and UI components (jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Semantic-UI).

Using the dependency injection, the jQuery object can be injected into php framework container, allowing for the generation of jQuery scripts in controllers, respecting the MVC design pattern.


  • PHP >= 7.0
  • JQuery >= 2.0.3
  • JQuery UI >= 1.10 [optional]
  • Twitter Bootstrap >= 3.3.2 [optional]
  • Semantic-UI >= 2.2 or Fomantic-UI >= 2.7 [optional]


I - Installation

Installing via Composer

Install Composer in a common location or in your project:

curl -s | php

Create the composer.json file in the app directory as follows:

"require": {
"phpmv/php-mv-ui": "^2.3"

In the app directory, run the composer installer :

php composer.phar install

Installing via Github

Just clone the repository in a common location or inside your project:

git clone

II PHP frameworks configuration

Library loading

phpMv-UI complies with PSR-4 recommendations for auto-loading classes. Whatever the php framework used, with "composer", it is enough to integrate the Composer autoload file.


Ubiquity configuration

Library loading

The library is already loaded by default in the config file app/config/config.php :

"@exec"=>array("jquery"=>function ($controller){
return \Ajax\php\ubiquity\JsUtils::diSemantic($controller);

Use in controllers

Example of creating a Semantic-UI button

```php /**