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XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::ListItem Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ListItem (const String &label=emptyString, const String &label2=emptyString, const String &path=emptyString, bool offscreen=false)
 ListItem (CFileItemPtr pitem)
String getLabel ()
String getLabel2 ()
void setLabel (const String &label)
void setLabel2 (const String &label)
String getDateTime ()
void setDateTime (const String &dateTime)
void setArt (const Properties &dictionary)
void setIsFolder (bool isFolder)
void setUniqueIDs (const Properties &dictionary, const String &defaultrating="")
void setRating (const std::string &type, float rating, int votes=0, bool defaultt=false)
void addSeason (int number, std::string name="")
String getArt (const char *key)
bool isFolder () const
String getUniqueID (const char *key)
float getRating (const char *key)
int getVotes (const char *key)
void select (bool selected)
bool isSelected ()
void setInfo (const char *type, const InfoLabelDict &infoLabels)
void setCast (const std::vector< Properties > &actors)
void setAvailableFanart (const std::vector< Properties > &images)
void addAvailableArtwork (const std::string &url, const std::string &art_type="", const std::string &preview="", const std::string &referrer="", const std::string &cache="", bool post=false, bool isgz=false, int season=-1)
void addStreamInfo (const char *cType, const Properties &dictionary)
void addContextMenuItems (const std::vector< Tuple< String, String > > &items, bool replaceItems=false)
void setProperty (const char *key, const String &value)
void setProperties (const Properties &dictionary)
String getProperty (const char *key)
void setPath (const String &path)
void setMimeType (const String &mimetype)
void setContentLookup (bool enable)
void setSubtitles (const std::vector< String > &subtitleFiles)
String getPath ()
xbmc::InfoTagVideogetVideoInfoTag ()
xbmc::InfoTagMusicgetMusicInfoTag ()
xbmc::InfoTagPicturegetPictureInfoTag ()
xbmc::InfoTagGamegetGameInfoTag ()
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const char * GetClassname () const
LanguageHookGetLanguageHook ()
bool isDeallocating ()
 This method should be called while holding a Synchronize on the object. More...
void Release () const
void Acquire () const

Static Public Member Functions

static AddonClass::Ref< ListItemfromString (const String &str)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from XBMCAddon::AddonClass
static short getNumAddonClasses ()

Public Attributes

CFileItemPtr item
bool m_offscreen

Additional Inherited Members

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virtual void deallocating ()
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- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from XBMCAddon::AddonClass
static short getNextClassIndex ()
 This is meant to be called during static initialization and so isn't synchronized.
- Protected Attributes inherited from XBMCAddon::AddonClass

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