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XBMCAddon::xbmc::InfoTagRadioRDS Class Reference

#include <InfoTagRadioRDS.h>

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Public Member Functions

 InfoTagRadioRDS (const std::shared_ptr< PVR::CPVRChannel > &channel)
 InfoTagRadioRDS ()
 ~InfoTagRadioRDS () override
 getTitle ()

Function: getTitle()

Title of the item on the air; i.e. song title. More...
 getBand ()

Function: getBand()

Band of the item on air. More...
 getArtist ()

Function: getArtist()

Artist of the item on air. More...
 getComposer ()

Function: getComposer()

Get the Composer of the music. More...
 getConductor ()

Function: getConductor()

Get the Conductor of the Band. More...
 getAlbum ()

Function: getAlbum()

Album of item on air. More...
 getComment ()

Function: getComment()

Get Comment text from channel. More...
 getAlbumTrackNumber ()

Function: getAlbumTrackNumber()

Get the album track number of currently sended music. More...
 getInfoNews ()

Function: getInfoNews()

Get News informations. More...
 getInfoNewsLocal ()

Function: getInfoNewsLocal()

Get Local news informations. More...
 getInfoSport ()

Function: getInfoSport()

Get Sport informations. More...
 getInfoStock ()

Function: getInfoStock()

Get Stock informations. More...
 getInfoWeather ()

Function: getInfoWeather()

Get Weather informations. More...
 getInfoHoroscope ()

Function: getInfoHoroscope()

Get Horoscope informations. More...
 getInfoCinema ()

Function: getInfoCinema()

Get Cinema informations. More...
 getInfoLottery ()

Function: getInfoLottery()

Get Lottery informations. More...
 getInfoOther ()

Function: getInfoOther()

Get other informations. More...
 getEditorialStaff ()

Function: getEditorialStaff()

Get Editorial Staff names. More...
 getProgStation ()

Function: getProgStation()

Name describing station. More...
 getProgStyle ()

Function: getProgStyle()

The the radio channel style currently used. More...
 getProgHost ()

Function: getProgHost()

Host of current radio show. More...
 getProgWebsite ()

Function: getProgWebsite()

Link to URL (web page) for radio station homepage. More...
 getProgNow ()

Function: getProgNow()

Current radio program show. More...
 getProgNext ()

Function: getProgNext()

Next program show. More...
 getPhoneHotline ()

Function: getPhoneHotline()

Telephone number of the radio station's hotline. More...
 getEMailHotline ()

Function: getEMailHotline()

Email address of the radio station's studio. More...
 getPhoneStudio ()

Function: getPhoneStudio()

Telephone number of the radio station's studio. More...
 getEMailStudio ()

Function: getEMailStudio()

Email address of radio station studio. More...
 getSMSStudio ()

Function: getSMSStudio()

SMS (Text Messaging) number for studio. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from XBMCAddon::AddonClass
 AddonClass ()
virtual ~AddonClass ()
const char * GetClassname () const
LanguageHookGetLanguageHook ()
bool isDeallocating ()
void Release () const
void Acquire () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from XbmcThreads::CountingLockable< XbmcThreads::CRecursiveMutex >
 CountingLockable ()=default
void lock ()
bool try_lock ()
void unlock ()
unsigned int exit (unsigned int leave=0)
void restore (unsigned int restoreCount)
XbmcThreads::CRecursiveMutex & get_underlying ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from XBMCAddon::AddonClass
static short getNumAddonClasses ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from XBMCAddon::AddonClass
virtual void deallocating ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from XBMCAddon::AddonClass
static short getNextClassIndex ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from XBMCAddon::AddonClass
- Protected Attributes inherited from XbmcThreads::CountingLockable< XbmcThreads::CRecursiveMutex >
XbmcThreads::CRecursiveMutex mutex
unsigned int count

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ InfoTagRadioRDS() [1/2]

XBMCAddon::xbmc::InfoTagRadioRDS::InfoTagRadioRDS ( const std::shared_ptr< PVR::CPVRChannel > &  channel)

◆ InfoTagRadioRDS() [2/2]

XBMCAddon::xbmc::InfoTagRadioRDS::InfoTagRadioRDS ( )

◆ ~InfoTagRadioRDS()

XBMCAddon::xbmc::InfoTagRadioRDS::~InfoTagRadioRDS ( )

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