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GUI window class for Add-Ons. More...

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 Callback functions from Kodi to add-on
 GUI window callback functions.
 Subclass - WindowDialog
 GUI window dialog class for Add-Ons.
 Subclass - WindowXML
 GUI xml window class.


class  XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::Window

Detailed Description

GUI window class for Add-Ons.

This class allows over their functions to create and edit windows that can be accessed from an Add-On.

Likewise, all functions from here as well in the other window classes WindowDialog, WindowXML and WindowXMLDialog with inserted and available.

Constructor for window

{ xbmcgui.Window([existingWindowId]): }

Creates a new from Add-On usable window class. This is to create window for related controls by system calls.

existingWindowId[opt] Specify an id to use an existing window.
ValueErrorif supplied window Id does not exist.
Exceptionif more then 200 windows are created.

Deleting this window will activate the old window that was active and resets (not delete) all controls that are associated with this window.


win = xbmcgui.Window()
width = win.getWidth()