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Library - xbmcvfs

**Virtual file system functions on Kodi. More...

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 Kodi's file class.
 **Get file or file system status.


bool XBMCAddon::xbmcvfs::copy (const String &strSource, const String &strDestination)
bool XBMCAddon::xbmcvfs::deleteFile (const String &strSource)
bool XBMCAddon::xbmcvfs::rename (const String &file, const String &newFile)
bool XBMCAddon::xbmcvfs::exists (const String &path)
String XBMCAddon::xbmcvfs::makeLegalFilename (const String &filename)
String XBMCAddon::xbmcvfs::translatePath (const String &path)
String XBMCAddon::xbmcvfs::validatePath (const String &path)
bool XBMCAddon::xbmcvfs::mkdir (const String &path)
bool XBMCAddon::xbmcvfs::mkdirs (const String &path)
bool XBMCAddon::xbmcvfs::rmdir (const String &path, bool force)
Tuple< std::vector< String >, std::vector< String > > XBMCAddon::xbmcvfs::listdir (const String &path)

Detailed Description

**Virtual file system functions on Kodi.


Offers classes and functions offers access to the Virtual File Server (VFS) which you can use to manipulate files and folders.