Database Member List

This is the complete list of members for Database, including all inherited members.

a2bigint(const std::string &)Database
a2ubigint(const std::string &)Database
Database(const std::string &database, IError *=NULL)Database
Database(Mutex &, const std::string &database, IError *=NULL)Database
error(Query &, const char *format,...) (defined in Database)Database
error(Query &, const std::string &) (defined in Database)Database
freedb(OPENDB *odb) (defined in Database)Database
getName(void) const (defined in Database)Databaseinline
opendb_v typedef (defined in Database)Database
RegErrHandler(IError *) (defined in Database)Database
safestr(const std::string &)Database
xmlsafestr(const std::string &)Database
~Database() (defined in Database)Databasevirtual