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chaiscript::Operators Struct Reference

Public Types

enum  Opers {
  equals, less_than, greater_than, less_than_equal,
  greater_than_equal, not_equal, assign, pre_increment,
  pre_decrement, assign_product, assign_sum, assign_quotient,
  assign_difference, assign_bitwise_and, assign_bitwise_or, assign_shift_left,
  assign_shift_right, assign_remainder, assign_bitwise_xor, shift_left,
  shift_right, remainder, bitwise_and, bitwise_or,
  bitwise_xor, bitwise_complement, sum, quotient,
  product, difference, unary_plus, unary_minus,

Static Public Member Functions

static constexpr const char * to_string (Opers t_oper) noexcept
static constexpr Opers to_operator (const std::string_view &t_str, bool t_is_unary=false) noexcept

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