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CoolProp::CoolPropFluid Class Reference

Detailed Description

A thermophysical property provider for critical and reducing values as well as derivatives of Helmholtz energy.

This fluid instance is populated using an entry from a JSON file

#include <CoolPropFluid.h>

Public Member Functions

const EquationOfStateEOS () const
 Get a reference to the equation of state.
EquationOfStateEOS ()
 Get a reference to the equation of state.
double gas_constant ()
double molar_mass ()

Public Attributes

std::vector< EquationOfStateEOSVector
 The equations of state that could be used for this fluid.
std::string name
 The name of the fluid.
std::string REFPROPname
 The REFPROP-compliant name if REFPROP-"name" is not a compatible fluid name. If not included, "name" is assumed to be a valid name for REFPROP.
std::string CAS
 The CAS number of the fluid.
std::string formula
 The chemical formula, in LaTeX form.
std::vector< std::string > aliases
 A vector of aliases of names for the fluid.
std::string InChI
 The InChI string for the fluid.
std::string InChIKey
 The InChI key for the fluid.
std::string smiles
 The SMILES identifier for the fluid.
int ChemSpider_id
 The ChemSpider identifier for the fluid.
std::string TwoDPNG_URL
 The URL to a 2D representation of the molecule (from ChemSpider)
BibTeXKeysStruct BibTeXKeys
 The BibTeX keys associated.
EnvironmentalFactorsStruct environment
 The environmental variables for global warming potential, ODP, etc.
Ancillaries ancillaries
 The set of ancillary equations for dewpoint, bubblepoint, surface tension, etc.
TransportPropertyData transport
SimpleState crit
 The state at the critical point.
SimpleState triple_liquid
 The saturated liquid state at the triple point temperature.
SimpleState triple_vapor
 The saturated vapor state at the triple point temperature.

Protected Attributes

std::string ECSReferenceFluid
 A string that gives the name of the fluids that should be used for the ECS method for transport properties.
double ECS_qd
 The critical qd parameter for the Olchowy-Sengers cross-over term.

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