Crombie Tools
Todo List
Page Analysis Workspace
Document the documentation subdirectory
Class CorrectorApplicator
create a type of corrector that does trigger bits from a TFormula
page Crombie Tools
Document the fitting tools
Member CrombieTools::PlotTools::tdrStyle.setTDRStyle ()
Check tdrStyle stuff out and consider making CrombieStyle
Clean this up when not using multiple EOS directories
Member LimitTreeMaker::AddFriendName (TString tree)
I don't think this works.
Member LimitTreeMaker::SetReportFrequency (UInt_t freq)
make all frequency reports in a centralized class
Member RatioComparison::MakeCompare (TString FileBase, Int_t NumXBins, Double_t *XBins, TString XLabel, TString YLabel)
Add an option for background subraction for the ratios
Page Running Tests
Write about expected test results
Member submitlxbatch.logFile
Try to eliminate the dependency on CMSSW
test all the useful things.
Member XSecAdder::RunFile (FileInfo &info)
Make a ReportFrequency class