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DocParser Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void pushContext ()
void popContext ()
void handleImg (DocNodeVariant *parent, DocNodeList &children, const HtmlAttribList &tagHtmlAttribs)
int internalValidatingParseDoc (DocNodeVariant *parent, DocNodeList &children, const QCString &doc)
QCString processCopyDoc (const char *data, size_t &len)
QCString findAndCopyImage (const QCString &fileName, DocImage::Type type, bool doWarn=true)
void checkArgumentName ()
void checkRetvalName ()
void checkUnOrMultipleDocumentedParams ()
bool findDocsForMemberOrCompound (const QCString &commandName, QCString *pDoc, QCString *pBrief, const Definition **pDef)
bool defaultHandleToken (DocNodeVariant *parent, int tok, DocNodeList &children, bool handleWord=TRUE)
void errorHandleDefaultToken (DocNodeVariant *parent, int tok, DocNodeList &children, const QCString &txt)
void defaultHandleTitleAndSize (const int cmd, DocNodeVariant *parent, DocNodeList &children, QCString &width, QCString &height)
int handleStyleArgument (DocNodeVariant *parent, DocNodeList &children, const QCString &cmdName)
void handleStyleEnter (DocNodeVariant *parent, DocNodeList &children, DocStyleChange::Style s, const QCString &tagName, const HtmlAttribList *attribs)
void handleStyleLeave (DocNodeVariant *parent, DocNodeList &children, DocStyleChange::Style s, const QCString &tagName)
void handlePendingStyleCommands (DocNodeVariant *parent, DocNodeList &children)
void handleInitialStyleCommands (DocNodeVariant *parent, DocNodeList &children)
int handleAHref (DocNodeVariant *parent, DocNodeList &children, const HtmlAttribList &tagHtmlAttribs)
void handleUnclosedStyleCommands ()
void handleLinkedWord (DocNodeVariant *parent, DocNodeList &children, bool ignoreAutoLinkFlag=FALSE)
void handleParameterType (DocNodeVariant *parent, DocNodeList &children, const QCString &paramTypes)
void handleInternalRef (DocNodeVariant *parent, DocNodeList &children)
void handleAnchor (DocNodeVariant *parent, DocNodeList &children)
void handleImage (DocNodeVariant *parent, DocNodeList &children)
void readTextFileByName (const QCString &file, QCString &text)

Public Attributes

std::stack< DocParserContextcontextStack
DocParserContext context
DocTokenizer tokenizer

Member Function Documentation

◆ checkArgumentName()

void DocParser::checkArgumentName ( )

Collects the parameters found with @param command in a list context.paramsFound. If the parameter is not an actual parameter of the current member context.memberDef, then a warning is raised (unless warnings are disabled altogether).

◆ checkRetvalName()

void DocParser::checkRetvalName ( )

Collects the return values found with @retval command in a global list g_parserContext.retvalsFound.

◆ checkUnOrMultipleDocumentedParams()

void DocParser::checkUnOrMultipleDocumentedParams ( )

Checks if the parameters that have been specified using @param are indeed all parameters and that a parameter does not have multiple @param blocks. Must be called after checkArgumentName() has been called for each argument.

◆ findAndCopyImage()

QCString DocParser::findAndCopyImage ( const QCString fileName,
DocImage::Type  type,
bool  doWarn = true 

search for an image in the imageNameDict and if found copies the image to the output directory (which depends on the type parameter).

◆ findDocsForMemberOrCompound()

bool DocParser::findDocsForMemberOrCompound ( const QCString commandName,
QCString pDoc,
QCString pBrief,
const Definition **  pDef 

Looks for a documentation block with name commandName in the current context (g_parserContext.context). The resulting documentation string is put in pDoc, the definition in which the documentation was found is put in pDef.

Return values
TRUEif name was found.
FALSEif name was not found.

◆ handlePendingStyleCommands()

void DocParser::handlePendingStyleCommands ( DocNodeVariant *  parent,
DocNodeList children 

Called at the end of a paragraph to close all open style changes (e.g. a without a ). The closed styles are pushed onto a stack and entered again at the start of a new paragraph.

◆ handleStyleEnter()

void DocParser::handleStyleEnter ( DocNodeVariant *  parent,
DocNodeList children,
DocStyleChange::Style  s,
const QCString tagName,
const HtmlAttribList attribs 

Called when a style change starts. For instance a <b> command is encountered.

◆ handleStyleLeave()

void DocParser::handleStyleLeave ( DocNodeVariant *  parent,
DocNodeList children,
DocStyleChange::Style  s,
const QCString tagName 

Called when a style change ends. For instance a </b> command is encountered.

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