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cuda::array::dimensions_t< 2 > Struct Template Reference

Dimensions for 2D CUDA arrays. More...

#include <types.hpp>

Public Member Functions

constexpr __host__ __device__ dimensions_t (dimension_t width_, dimension_t height_)
constexpr __host__ __device__ dimensions_t (const dimensions_t &other)
constexpr __host__ __device__ dimensions_t (dimensions_t &&other)
CPP14_CONSTEXPR __host__ __device__ dimensions_toperator= (const dimensions_t &other)
CPP14_CONSTEXPR __host__ __device__ dimensions_toperator= (dimensions_t &&other)
constexpr __host__ __device__ size_t area () const
constexpr __host__ __device__ size_t size () const
constexpr __host__ __device__ dimensionality_t dimensionality () const

Static Public Member Functions

static constexpr __host__ __device__ dimensions_t square (dimension_t x)
static constexpr __host__ __device__ dimensions_t zero ()

Public Attributes

dimension_t width
dimension_t height

Detailed Description

struct cuda::array::dimensions_t< 2 >

Dimensions for 2D CUDA arrays.

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