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fcitx::InputContextManager Class Reference

Public Member Functions

InputContextfindByUUID (ICUUID uuid)
 Find the input context by UUID. More...
void setPropertyPropagatePolicy (PropertyPropagatePolicy policy)
 Set the property propgate policy. More...
Instanceinstance ()
bool registerProperty (const std::string &name, InputContextPropertyFactory *factory)
 Register a named property for input context. More...
bool foreach (const InputContextVisitor &visitor)
bool foreachFocused (const InputContextVisitor &visitor)
bool foreachGroup (const FocusGroupVisitor &visitor)
InputContextlastFocusedInputContext ()
 Get the last focused input context. More...
InputContextmostRecentInputContext ()
 Get the last used input context. More...
void setPreeditEnabledByDefault (bool enable)
bool isPreeditEnabledByDefault () const


class InputContext
class FocusGroup
class Instance
class InputContextPropertyFactory

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

◆ findByUUID()

InputContext * fcitx::InputContextManager::findByUUID ( ICUUID  uuid)

Find the input context by UUID.

This is useful when you want to pass a token from another process to identify the input context.

uuidUUID of input context.
pointer to input context or null if nothing is found.
See also

Definition at line 207 of file inputcontextmanager.cpp.

◆ lastFocusedInputContext()

InputContext * fcitx::InputContextManager::lastFocusedInputContext ( )

Get the last focused input context.

This is useful for certain UI to get the most recently used input context.

pointer of the last focused input context or null if there is no focus.

Definition at line 398 of file inputcontextmanager.cpp.

◆ mostRecentInputContext()

InputContext * fcitx::InputContextManager::mostRecentInputContext ( )

Get the last used input context.

This is useful for certain UI to get the most recently used input context.

Certain UI implementation may cause focus out in the application, this is a way for them to get the input context being used.


Definition at line 404 of file inputcontextmanager.cpp.

◆ registerProperty()

bool fcitx::InputContextManager::registerProperty ( const std::string &  name,
InputContextPropertyFactory factory 

Register a named property for input context.

This is used to store the per-input context state.

nameunique name of input context.
registration successful or not.

Definition at line 243 of file inputcontextmanager.cpp.

◆ setPropertyPropagatePolicy()

void fcitx::InputContextManager::setPropertyPropagatePolicy ( PropertyPropagatePolicy  policy)

Set the property propgate policy.

The policy can be either All, Program or No, to define whether a certain state need to be copied to another input context.

See also

Definition at line 254 of file inputcontextmanager.cpp.

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