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fcitx::InputMethodEngineV2 Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

virtual std::string subModeIconImpl (const InputMethodEntry &, InputContext &)
virtual std::string subModeLabelImpl (const InputMethodEntry &, InputContext &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from fcitx::InputMethodEngine
virtual std::vector< InputMethodEntrylistInputMethods ()
 List the input methods provided by this engine. More...
virtual void keyEvent (const InputMethodEntry &entry, KeyEvent &keyEvent)=0
 Main function where the input method handles a key event. More...
virtual void activate (const InputMethodEntry &entry, InputContextEvent &event)
 Called when the input context is switched to this input method. More...
virtual void deactivate (const InputMethodEntry &entry, InputContextEvent &event)
 Called when input context switch its input method. More...
virtual void reset (const InputMethodEntry &entry, InputContextEvent &event)
 Being called when the input context need to reset it state. More...
virtual void filterKey (const InputMethodEntry &entry, KeyEvent &event)
 If a key event is not handled by all other handler, it will be passed to this function. More...
virtual FCITXCORE_DEPRECATED void updateSurroundingText (const InputMethodEntry &)
virtual std::string subMode (const InputMethodEntry &entry, InputContext &inputContext)
 Return a localized name for the sub mode of input method. More...
virtual std::string overrideIcon (const InputMethodEntry &)
 Return an alternative icon for entry. More...
virtual const ConfigurationgetConfigForInputMethod (const InputMethodEntry &entry) const
 Return the configuration for this input method entry. More...
virtual void setConfigForInputMethod (const InputMethodEntry &entry, const RawConfig &config)
 Update the configuration for this input method entry. More...
std::string subModeIcon (const InputMethodEntry &entry, InputContext &ic)
 Return the icon name for the sub mode. More...
std::string subModeLabel (const InputMethodEntry &entry, InputContext &ic)
 Return the label for the sub mode. More...
void invokeAction (const InputMethodEntry &entry, InvokeActionEvent &event)
 Process InvokeActionEvent. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from fcitx::AddonInstance
virtual void reloadConfig ()
 Reload configuration from disk.
virtual void save ()
 Save any relevant data. Usually, it will be invoked when fcitx exits.
virtual const ConfigurationgetConfig () const
 Get the configuration.
virtual void setConfig (const RawConfig &)
 Set configuration from Raw Config.
virtual const ConfigurationgetSubConfig (const std::string &) const
virtual void setSubConfig (const std::string &, const RawConfig &)
template<typename Signature , typename... Args>
std::function< Signature >::result_type callWithSignature (const std::string &name, Args &&...args)
template<typename MetaSignatureString , typename... Args>
auto callWithMetaString (Args &&...args)
template<typename MetaType , typename... Args>
auto call (Args &&...args)
 Call an exported function for this addon.
void registerCallback (const std::string &name, AddonFunctionAdaptorBase *adaptor)

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