xtd - Reference Guide  0.1.0
Modern c++17 framework to create console, gui and unit test applications on Windows, macOS and Linux.
xtd::tunit::test_class Class Reference

Public Member Functions

size_t aborted_test_count () const noexcept
std::chrono::milliseconds elapsed_time () const noexcept
size_t failed_test_count () const noexcept
size_t ignored_test_count () const noexcept
std::string name () const noexcept
size_t succeed_test_count () const noexcept
size_t test_count () const noexcept
const std::vector< xtd::tunit::test > & tests () const noexcept

Protected Member Functions

void add_class_cleanup (const xtd::tunit::test &class_cleanup) noexcept
void add_class_initialize (const xtd::tunit::test &class_initialize) noexcept
void add_test_cleanup (const xtd::tunit::test &test_cleanup) noexcept
void add_test_initialize (const xtd::tunit::test &test_initialize) noexcept
void add_test_method (const xtd::tunit::test &test) noexcept


class xtd::tunit::class_cleanup_attribute
class xtd::tunit::class_initialize_attribute
class xtd::tunit::registered_test_class
class xtd::tunit::test
class xtd::tunit::test_cleanup_attribute
class xtd::tunit::test_initialize_attribute
class xtd::tunit::test_method_attribute
class xtd::tunit::unit_test

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