xtd - Reference Guide  0.2.0
Modern c++17/20 framework to create console, GUI and unit test applications on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and android.
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1 #pragma once
6 #include <vector>
7 #include "../core_export.h"
8 #include "../static.h"
9 #include "ip_host_entry.h"
12 namespace xtd {
14  namespace net {
21  class core_export_ dns static_ {
22  public:
26  static std::vector<xtd::net::ip_address> get_host_addresses(const xtd::ustring& host_name_or_address);
31  static xtd::net::ip_host_entry get_host_entry(const ip_address& address);
36  static xtd::net::ip_host_entry get_host_entry(const xtd::ustring& host_name_or_address);
40  static xtd::ustring get_host_name();
41  };
42  }
43 }
Provides an Internet Protocol (IP) address.
Definition: ip_address.h:30
#define static_
This keyword is use to represent a static object. A static object can&#39;t be instantiated (constructors...
Definition: static.h:38
The xtd namespace contains all fundamental classes to access Hardware, Os, System, and more.
Definition: system_report.h:17
Contains xtd::net::ip_host_entry class.
Represents text as a sequence of UTF-8 code units.
Definition: ustring.h:48
Provides simple domain name resolution functionality.
Definition: dns.h:21
Provides a container class for Internet host address information.
Definition: ip_host_entry.h:23