xtd - Reference Guide  0.2.0
Modern c++17/20 framework to create console, GUI and unit test applications on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and android.
xtd Directory Reference


directory  web


file  abstract.h [code]
 Contains xtd::abstract_object class.
file  action.h [code]
 Contains xtd::action delegate.
file  add_last_arg_to_command.h [code]
 Contains add_last_arg_to_command_ macro.
file  any.h [code]
 Contains xtd::any method.
file  architecture_id.h [code]
 Contains xtd::architecture_id enum class.
file  argument_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::argument_exception exception.
file  argument_null_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::argument_null_exception exception.
file  argument_out_of_range_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::argument_out_of_range_exception exception.
file  arithmetic_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::arithmetic_exception exception.
file  as.h [code]
 Contains xtd::as method.
file  async_callback.h [code]
 Contains xtd::action delegate.
file  attribute.h [code]
 Contains xtd::attribute class.
file  background_color.h [code]
 Contains xtd::background_color class.
file  beep.h [code]
 Contains xtd::beep class.
file  bit_converter.h [code]
 Contains xtd::bit_converter class.
file  block_scope.h [code]
 Contains block_scope_ keyword.
file  box.h [code]
 Contains xtd::box class.
file  build_type.h [code]
 Contains xtd::build_type enum class.
file  cdebug.h [code]
 Contains xtd::cdebug ostream.
file  cnull.h [code]
 Contains xtd::cnull ostream.
file  compiler.h [code]
 Contains xtd::compiler class.
file  compiler_id.h [code]
 Contains xtd::compiler_id enum class.
file  console.h [code]
 Contains xtd::console class.
file  console_cancel_event_args.h [code]
 Contains xtd::console_cancel_event_args event args.
file  console_cancel_event_handler.h [code]
 Contains xtd::console_cancel_event_handler event handler.
file  console_color.h [code]
 Contains xtd::console_color enum class.
file  console_key.h [code]
 Contains xtd::console_key enum class.
file  console_key_info.h [code]
 Contains xtd::console_key_info class.
file  console_modifiers.h [code]
 Contains xtd::console_modifiers enum class.
file  console_special_key.h [code]
 Contains xtd::console_special_key enum class.
file  convert.h [code]
 Contains xtd::convert class.
file  convert_pointer.h [code]
 Contains xtd::convert class.
file  convert_string.h [code]
 Contains xtd::convert_string class.
file  cpp_language.h [code]
 Contains xtd::cpp_language class.
file  ctrace.h [code]
 Contains xtd::ctrace ostream.
file  date_time.h [code]
 Contains xtd::date_time class.
file  date_time_kind.h [code]
 Contains xtd::date_time_kind enum class.
file  day_of_week.h [code]
 Contains xtd::day_of_week enum class.
file  debugstreambuf.h [code]
 Contains xtd::debugstreambuf class.
file  delegate.h [code]
 Contains xtd::delegate delegate.
file  divided_by_zero_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::divided_by_zero_exception exception.
file  domain_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::domain_exception exception.
file  environment.h [code]
 Contains xtd::environment class.
file  environment_variable_target.h [code]
 Contains xtd::environment_variable_target enum class.
file  event.h [code]
 Contains xtd::event event.
file  event_args.h [code]
 Contains xtd::event_args event args.
file  event_handler.h [code]
 Contains xtd::event_handler event handler.
file  foreground_color.h [code]
 Contains xtd::foreground_color class.
file  format_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::format_exception exception.
file  func.h [code]
 Contains xtd::func delegate.
file  get_err_rdbuf.h [code]
 Contains __get_err_rdbuf method.
file  get_in_rdbuf.h [code]
 Contains __get_in_rdbuf method.
file  get_out_rdbuf.h [code]
 Contains __get_out_rdbuf method.
file  guid.h [code]
 Contains xtd::guid class.
file  iasync_result.h [code]
 Contains xtd::iasync_result interface.
file  icomparable.h [code]
 Contains xtd::icomparable interface.
file  iequatable.h [code]
 Contains xtd::iequatable interface.
file  index_out_of_range_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::index_out_of_range_exception exception.
file  interface.h [code]
 Contains xtd::interface interface.
file  invalid_cast_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::invalid_cast_exception exception.
file  invalid_operation_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::invalid_operation_exception exception.
file  invalid_program_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::invalid_program_exception exception.
file  is.h [code]
 Contains xtd::is method.
file  language_id.h [code]
 Contains xtd::language_id enum class.
file  length_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::length_exception exception.
file  literals.h [code]
 Contains xtd literals.
file  math.h [code]
 Contains xtd::math class.
file  month_of_year.h [code]
 Contains xtd::month_of_year enum class.
file  nameof.h [code]
 Contains nameof_ keyword.
file  not_finite_number_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::not_finite_number_exception exception.
file  not_implemented_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::not_implemented_exception exception.
file  not_supported_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::not_supported_exception exception.
file  null_pointer_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::null_pointer_exception exception.
file  number_styles.h [code]
 Contains xtd::number_styles enum class.
file  object.h [code]
 Contains xtd::object class.
file  object_closed_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::object_closed_exception exception.
file  operating_system.h [code]
 Contains xtd::operating_system class.
file  operation_canceled_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::operation_canceled_exception exception.
file  overflow_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::overflow_exception exception.
file  overload.h [code]
 Contains xtd::overload class.
file  parse.h [code]
 Contains xtd::parse methods.
file  platform_id.h [code]
 Contains xtd::platform_id enum class.
file  platform_not_supported_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::platform_not_supported_exception exception.
file  predicate.h [code]
 Contains xtd::predicate delegate.
file  processor.h [code]
 Contains xtd::processor class.
file  random.h [code]
 Contains xtd::random class.
file  reset_color.h [code]
 Contains xtd::reset_color class.
file  startup.h [code]
 Contains startup_ keyword.
file  static.h [code]
 Contains xtd::static_object class.
file  string_comparison.h [code]
 Contains xtd::string_comparison enum class.
file  string_split_options.h [code]
 Contains xtd::string_split_options enum class.
file  system_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::system_exception exception.
file  tick.h [code]
 Contains xtd::tick typedef.
file  ticks.h [code]
 Contains xtd::ticks typedef.
file  time_out_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::time_out_exception exception.
file  time_zone_info.h [code]
 Contains xtd::time_zone_info class.
file  time_zone_not_found_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::time_zone_not_found_exception exception.
file  to_string.h [code]
 Contains xtd::to_string methods.
file  tracestreambuf.h [code]
 Contains xtd::tracestreambuf class.
file  translator.h [code]
 Contains xtd::translator class.
file  typeof.h [code]
 Contains typeof_ keyword.
file  types.h [code]
 Contains xtd fundamental types.
file  unauthorized_access_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::unauthorized_access_exception exception.
file  underflow_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::underflow_exception exception.
file  unused.h [code]
 Contains unused_ keyword.
file  uri.h [code]
 Contains xtd::uri class.
file  uri_components.h [code]
 Contains xtd::uri_components enum.
file  uri_format.h [code]
 Contains xtd::uri_format enum.
file  uri_format_exception.h [code]
 Contains Switch::System::UriFormatException exception.
file  uri_host_name_type.h [code]
 Contains xtd::uri_host_name_type enum.
file  uri_kind.h [code]
 Contains Switch::System::uri_kind enum.
file  uri_partial.h [code]
 Contains Switch::System::UriPartial enum.
file  uri_template_match_exception.h [code]
 Contains Switch::System::uri_template_match_exception exception.
file  using.h [code]
 Contains using_ keyword.
file  ustring.h [code]
 Contains xtd::ustring class.
file  va_args_comma.h [code]
 Contains #__VA_ARGS_COMMA__ keyword.
file  version.h [code]
 Contains xtd::version class.
file  xml_syntax_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::xml_syntax_exception exception.
file  xtd.core.h [code]
 Contains xtd.core library headers.
file  xtd_namespace_aliases.h [code]
 Contains namespace aliases.