xtd 0.2.0
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1 #pragma once
5 #include "core_export.h"
6 #include "object.h"
9 namespace xtd {
18  class core_export_ event_args : public object {
19  public:
25  static const event_args empty;
33  event_args() = default;
37  event_args(const event_args& event_args) = default;
38  event_args& operator =(const event_args& event_args) = default;
40  };
41 }
Represents the base class for classes that contain event data, and provides a value to use for events...
Definition: event_args.h:18
static const event_args empty
Provides a value to use with events that do not have event data.
Definition: event_args.h:25
The xtd namespace contains all fundamental classes to access Hardware, Os, System, and more.
Definition: system_report.h:17
Contains xtd::object class.
Supports all classes in the xtd class hierarchy and provides low-level services to derived classes...
Definition: object.h:31