xtd 0.2.0
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1 #pragma once
5 #include <cstdint>
6 #include <xtd/interface.h>
9 namespace xtd {
11  namespace forms {
22  public:
29  virtual intptr handle() const = 0;
31  };
32  }
33 }
intmax_t intptr
Represent a pointer or a handle.
Definition: types.h:151
virtual intptr handle() const =0
Gets the handle to the window represented by the implementer.
The xtd namespace contains all fundamental classes to access Hardware, Os, System, and more.
Definition: system_report.h:17
Provides an interface to expose Win32 HWND handles.
Definition: iwin32_window.h:21
Contains xtd::interface interface.
#define interface_
This keyword is use to represent an interface.
Definition: interface.h:55
The xtd::forms namespace contains classes for creating Windows-based applications that take full adva...
Definition: about_box.h:13