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Modern c++17 framework to create console, gui and unit test applications on Windows, macOS and Linux.
xtd::forms::iwin32_window Class Referenceabstract

Provides an interface to expose Win32 HWND handles. More...

#include <iwin32_window.h>

Inheritance diagram for xtd::forms::iwin32_window:
xtd::forms::control xtd::forms::button_base xtd::forms::collapsible_panel xtd::forms::color_picker xtd::forms::date_time_picker xtd::forms::dot_matrix_display xtd::forms::font_picker xtd::forms::group_box xtd::forms::label xtd::forms::lcd_label xtd::forms::list_control xtd::forms::picture_box xtd::forms::progress_bar xtd::forms::scroll_bar xtd::forms::scrollable_control xtd::forms::seven_segment_display xtd::forms::splitter xtd::forms::tab_control xtd::forms::text_box_base xtd::forms::track_bar

Public Member Functions

virtual intptr_t handle () const =0
 Gets the handle to the window represented by the implementer. More...

Detailed Description

Provides an interface to expose Win32 HWND handles.

This interface is implemented on objects that expose Win32 HWND handles. The resultant handle can be used with Windows API calls.

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