xtd - Reference Guide 0.2.0
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1 #pragma once
5 #include <xtd/enum.h>
8 namespace xtd {
10  namespace drawing {
17  enum class string_format_flags {
21  direction_vertical = 0b10,
23  fit_black_box = 0b100,
25  display_format_control = 0b100000,
27  no_font_fallback = 0b10000000000,
29  measure_trailing_spaces = 0b100000000000,
31  no_wrap = 0b1000000000000,
33  line_limit = 0b10000000000000,
35  no_clip = 0b100000000000000,
36  };
37  }
38 }
41 flags_attribute_(xtd::drawing, string_format_flags);
43 template<> struct xtd::enum_register<xtd::drawing::string_format_flags> {
45 };
Includes the trailing space at the end of each line. By default the boundary rectangle returned by th...
Text wrapping between lines when formatting within a rectangle is disabled. This flag is implied when...
std::vector< std::pair< enum_t, xtd::ustring > > enum_collection
Represents a pair of an enum_t value and a string of an enum of type enum_t.
Definition: enum_collection.h:12
Overhanging parts of glyphs, and unwrapped text reaching outside the formatting rectangle are allowed...
The xtd namespace contains all fundamental classes to access Hardware, Os, System, and more.
Definition: system_report.h:17
The xtd::drawing namespace provides access to GDI+ basic graphics functionality. More advanced functi...
Definition: basic_colors.h:13
Contains xtd::enum_object.
Fallback to alternate fonts for characters not supported in the requested font is disabled...
Parts of characters are allowed to overhang the string&#39;s layout rectangle. By default, characters are repositioned to avoid any overhang.
Specifies the display and layout information for text strings. This enumeration allows a bitwise comb...
Definition: string_format_flags.h:17
Control characters such as the left-to-right mark are shown in the output with a representative glyph...
Text is displayed from right to left. text.
Only entire lines are laid out in the formatting rectangle. By default layout continues until the end...
Provides the registration struct for enumerations.
Definition: enum_register.h:30