xtd - Reference Guide  0.2.0
Modern c++17/20 framework to create console, GUI and unit test applications on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and android.
drawing Directory Reference



file  bitmap.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::bitmap class.
file  brush.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::brush class.
file  brushes.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::brushes factory.
file  color.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::color class.
file  colors.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::colors factory.
file  copy_pixel_operation.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::copy_pixel_operation enum class.
file  dash_style.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::dash_style enum class.
file  font.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::font class.
file  font_family.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::font_family class.
file  font_style.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::font_style enum class.
file  graphics.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::graphics class.
file  graphics_unit.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::graphics_unit enum class.
file  hotkey_prefix.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::hotkey_prefix enum class.
file  icon.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::icon class.
file  image.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::image class.
file  known_color.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::known_color enum class.
file  pen.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::pen class.
file  pens.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::pens factory.
file  point.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::point class.
file  point_f.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::point_f class.
file  rectangle.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::rectangle class.
file  rectangle_f.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::rectangle_f class.
file  region.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::region class.
file  rotate_flip_type.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::rotate_flip_type enum class.
file  size.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::size class.
file  size_f.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::size_f class.
file  solid_brush.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::solid_brush class.
file  string_alignment.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::string_alignment enum class.
file  string_format.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::string_format class.
file  string_format_flags.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::string_format_flags enum class.
file  string_trimming.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::string_trimming enum class.
file  system_brushes.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::system_brushes factory.
file  system_colors.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::system_colors factory.
file  system_fonts.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::system_fonts factory.
file  system_icons.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::system_icons factory.
file  system_images.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::system_images factory.
file  system_pens.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::system_pens factory.
file  texture_brush.h [code]
 Contains xtd::drawing::texture_brush class.