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GeFiCa::SquarePointContact Class Reference

Configuration of Squre point contact detectors. More...

#include <SquarePointContact.h>

Inheritance diagram for GeFiCa::SquarePointContact:
GeFiCa::Detector GeFiCa::Crystal

Public Member Functions

 SquarePointContact (const char *name="spc", const char *title="squre point-contact detector")
void CheckConfigurations ()
void Draw (Option_t *option="side")
 ClassDef (SquarePointContact, 1)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GeFiCa::Detector
 Detector (const char *name="detector", const char *title="detector")
void CheckConfigurations ()
 Check if detector configurations make sense. More...
void Draw (Option_t *option="")
 ClassDef (Detector, 1)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GeFiCa::Crystal
 Crystal ()
 Default constructor. More...
double GetImpurity (double height)
 Return net impurity concentration at. More...
void SetAverageImpurity (double impurity)

Public Attributes

double Width
 Widthi(x) of crystal. More...
double Length
 Length(y) of crystal. More...
double PointContactW
 Width of point contact. More...
double PointContactL
 Length of point contact. More...
double PointContactH
 Height of point contact. More...
double WrapAroundW
 Inner radius of outer contact. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from GeFiCa::Detector
std::vector< double > Bias
 bias on electrodes More...
- Public Attributes inherited from GeFiCa::Crystal
double Height
 height of crystal More...
double TopImpurity
 net impurity concentration at top of crystal More...
double BottomImpurity
 net impurity concentration at bottom of crystal More...

Detailed Description

Configuration of Squre point contact detectors.

Definition at line 9 of file SquarePointContact.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ SquarePointContact()

SquarePointContact::SquarePointContact ( const char *  name = "spc",
const char *  title = "squre point-contact detector" 

Definition at line 5 of file

5  :
6  Detector(name, title), Width(3*cm),Length(3*cm),
8  WrapAroundW(0)
9 { Height=5*cm; Bias.push_back(1*kV); }
double PointContactH
Height of point contact.
std::vector< double > Bias
bias on electrodes
Definition: Detector.h:35
double Length
Length(y) of crystal.
double WrapAroundW
Inner radius of outer contact.
static const double cm
Definition: Units.h:12
static const double kV
kilo volt
Definition: Units.h:21
Detector(const char *name="detector", const char *title="detector")
double Height
height of crystal
Definition: Detector.h:13
double Width
Widthi(x) of crystal.
static const double mm
Definition: Units.h:15
double PointContactL
Length of point contact.
double PointContactW
Width of point contact.
static const double nm
Definition: Units.h:18

Member Function Documentation

§ CheckConfigurations()

void SquarePointContact::CheckConfigurations ( )

Definition at line 12 of file

13 {
14  //TODO
16  if (PointContactH<0) {
17  Error("CheckConfigurations", "PointContactH==%.1f!", PointContactH);
18  abort();
19  }
20 }
double PointContactH
Height of point contact.
void CheckConfigurations()
Check if detector configurations make sense.

§ ClassDef()

GeFiCa::SquarePointContact::ClassDef ( SquarePointContact  ,

§ Draw()

void SquarePointContact::Draw ( Option_t *  option = "side")

Definition at line 25 of file

26 {
27  TString opt(option); opt.ToLower();
28  //TODO
29  /*
30  TString opt(option); opt.ToLower();
31  if (opt.Contains("half")) return; // not implemented yet
32  // crystal outline
33  TBox *out = new TBox(-Radius,0,Radius,Height); out->SetFillStyle(0);
34  out->SetLineColor(kBlack); out->SetLineStyle(kDashed); out->Draw();
35  // bore hole
36  TBox *bore = new TBox(-BoreR,Height-BoreH,BoreR,Height);
37  bore->SetLineColor(kBlack); bore->SetLineStyle(kDashed);
38  bore->SetFillStyle(0); bore->Draw();
39  // point contact
40  TBox *pc = new TBox(-PointContactR,0,PointContactR,PointContactH);
41  pc->SetLineColor(kBlack); pc->SetLineStyle(kDashed);
42  pc->SetFillStyle(0); pc->Draw();
43  // bottom tapers
44  TLine *blt = new TLine(-Radius,TaperH,-Radius+TaperW,0);
45  blt->SetLineColor(kBlack); blt->SetLineStyle(kDashed); blt->Draw();
46  TLine *brt = new TLine(Radius-TaperW,0,Radius,TaperH);
47  brt->SetLineColor(kBlack); brt->SetLineStyle(kDashed); brt->Draw();
48  // top tapers
49  TLine *tlt = new TLine(-Radius,Height-CornerH,-Radius+CornerW,Height);
50  tlt->SetLineColor(kBlack); tlt->SetLineStyle(kDashed); tlt->Draw();
51  TLine *trt = new TLine(Radius-CornerW,Height,Radius,Height-CornerH);
52  trt->SetLineColor(kBlack); trt->SetLineStyle(kDashed); trt->Draw();
53  // bore tapers
54  TLine *lb = new TLine(-BoreTaperW-BoreR,Height,-BoreR,Height-BoreTaperH);
55  lb->SetLineColor(kBlack); lb->SetLineStyle(kDashed); lb->Draw();
56  TLine *rb = new TLine(BoreR,Height-BoreTaperH,BoreR+BoreTaperW,Height);
57  rb->SetLineColor(kBlack); rb->SetLineStyle(kDashed); rb->Draw();
58  // grove
59  TBox *lg = new TBox(-WrapAroundR,0,-WrapAroundR+GrooveW,GrooveH);
60  lg->SetLineColor(kBlack); lg->SetLineStyle(kDashed);
61  lg->SetFillStyle(0); lg->Draw();
62  TBox *rg = new TBox(WrapAroundR-GrooveW,0,WrapAroundR,GrooveH);
63  rg->SetLineColor(kBlack); rg->SetLineStyle(kDashed);
64  rg->SetFillStyle(0); rg->Draw();
65  */
66 }

Member Data Documentation

§ Length

double GeFiCa::SquarePointContact::Length

Length(y) of crystal.

Definition at line 13 of file SquarePointContact.h.

§ PointContactH

double GeFiCa::SquarePointContact::PointContactH

Height of point contact.

Definition at line 17 of file SquarePointContact.h.

§ PointContactL

double GeFiCa::SquarePointContact::PointContactL

Length of point contact.

Definition at line 16 of file SquarePointContact.h.

§ PointContactW

double GeFiCa::SquarePointContact::PointContactW

Width of point contact.

Definition at line 15 of file SquarePointContact.h.

§ Width

double GeFiCa::SquarePointContact::Width

Widthi(x) of crystal.

Definition at line 12 of file SquarePointContact.h.

§ WrapAroundW

double GeFiCa::SquarePointContact::WrapAroundW

Inner radius of outer contact.

Definition at line 19 of file SquarePointContact.h.

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