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caffa::Field< DataType > Class Template Reference

#include <cafField.h>

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Public Types

typedef DataFieldAccessor< DataType > DataAccessor
typedef DataFieldDirectStorageAccessor< DataType > DirectStorageAccessor
- Public Types inherited from caffa::TypedField< DataType >
using FieldDataType = DataType

Public Member Functions

 Field (const Field &other)
 Field (const DataType &fieldValue)
 Field (std::unique_ptr< DataAccessor > accessor)
Fieldoperator= (const Field &other)
Fieldoperator= (const DataType &fieldValue)
DataType value () const override
void setValue (const DataType &fieldValue) override
 operator DataType () const
DataType operator() () const
bool operator== (const DataType &fieldValue) const
bool operator!= (const DataType &fieldValue) const
void setAccessor (std::unique_ptr< DataAccessor > accessor)
void setUntypedAccessor (std::unique_ptr< DataFieldAccessorInterface > accessor) override
template<typename ValidatorType >
const ValidatorType * valueValidator () const
template<typename ValidatorType >
ValidatorType * valueValidator ()
std::vector< const FieldValidator< DataType > * > valueValidators () const
std::vector< FieldValidator< DataType > * > valueValidators ()
void addValidator (std::unique_ptr< FieldValidator< DataType >> valueValidator)
void clearValidators ()
std::optional< DataType > defaultValue () const
void setDefaultValue (const DataType &val)
- Public Member Functions inherited from caffa::TypedField< DataType >
std::string dataType () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from caffa::FieldHandle
std::string keyword () const
bool matchesKeyword (const std::string &keyword) const
ObjectHandleownerObject ()
bool hasChildObjects ()
virtual std::vector< ObjectHandle * > childObjects () const
virtual std::unique_ptr< ObjectHandleremoveChildObject (ObjectHandle *)
void addCapability (std::unique_ptr< FieldCapability > capability)
template<typename CapabilityType >
CapabilityType * capability ()
template<typename CapabilityType >
const CapabilityType * capability () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from caffa::SignalEmitter
void addEmittedSignal (AbstractSignal *signalToAdd) const
std::list< AbstractSignal * > emittedSignals () const

Protected Attributes

std::unique_ptr< DataAccessorm_fieldDataAccessor
std::vector< std::unique_ptr< FieldValidator< DataType > > > m_valueValidators
std::optional< DataType > m_defaultValue

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from caffa::FieldHandle
bool isInitialized () const
std::vector< FieldCapability * > capabilities ()

Detailed Description

template<typename DataType>
class caffa::Field< DataType >

Field class encapsulating data with input and output of this data to/from JSON read/write-FieldData is supposed to be specialized for types needing specialization

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