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Oyranos is a full featured Color Management System
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file  oyCMM_s.h
file  oyranos.h
 The API header for general users to include in your application.
file  oyranos_color.h
 color definitions
file  oyranos_config.h
 The API header for adminitrative users to include in configuration dialogs.
file  oyranos_core.h
 public Oyranos API's
file  oyranos_dbus_macros.h
 DBus helper macros.
file  oyranos_definitions.h
 The macro header to include in your application without using any Oyranos function.
file  oyranos_icc.h
 ICC definitions.
file  oyranos_threads.h
 thread methods
file  oyranos_types.h
 public types of Oyranos APIs