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String handling. More...

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int oyStringAddPrintf (char **string, oyAlloc_f alloc, oyDeAlloc_f deAlloc, const char *format,...)
 Append a string and handle memory. More...
char ** oyStringSplit (const char *text, const char delimiter, int *count, oyAlloc_f allocateFunc)
 Create a array of strings. More...
void oyStringListRelease (char ***l, int size, oyDeAlloc_f deallocFunc)
 Release a array of strings. More...
char * oyStringCopy (const char *text, oyAlloc_f allocateFunc)
 Copy with allocator. More...

Detailed Description

String handling.

These functions prefere Oyranos oyAllocateFunc_ and oyDeAllocateFunc_ over plain malloc/free. They are wrappers around the libOyjlCore equivalents.

Function Documentation

◆ oyStringAddPrintf()

int oyStringAddPrintf ( char **  string,
oyAlloc_f  alloc,
oyDeAlloc_f  deAlloc,
const char *  format,

Append a string and handle memory.

◆ oyStringCopy()

char* oyStringCopy ( const char *  text,
oyAlloc_f  allocateFunc 

Copy with allocator.

References oyjlStringCopy().

◆ oyStringListRelease()

void oyStringListRelease ( char ***  l,
int  size,
oyDeAlloc_f  deallocFunc 

Release a array of strings.

References oyjlStringListRelease().

◆ oyStringSplit()

char** oyStringSplit ( const char *  text,
const char  delimiter,
int *  count,
oyAlloc_f  allocateFunc 

Create a array of strings.

References oyjlStringSplit().