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Oyranos is a full featured Color Management System
Data Structures | Functions
oyranos_devices.h File Reference
#include <oyranos_object.h>
#include "oyConfig_s.h"
#include "oyProfile_s.h"
#include "oyConfigs_s.h"
#include "oyOptions_s.h"

Data Structures

struct  oyConfDomain_s
 a ConfDomain object More...


OYAPI int OYEXPORT oyDevicesGet (const char *device_type, const char *device_class, oyOptions_s *options, oyConfigs_s **devices)
 get all devices matching to a device class and type More...
OYAPI int OYEXPORT oyDeviceGet (const char *device_type, const char *device_class, const char *device_name, oyOptions_s *options, oyConfig_s **device)
 ask a module for device informations or other direct calls More...
OYAPI int OYEXPORT oyDeviceSetup (oyConfig_s *device, oyOptions_s *options)
 activate the device using the stored configuration More...
OYAPI int OYEXPORT oyDeviceUnset (oyConfig_s *device)
 unset the device profile More...
OYAPI int OYEXPORT oyDeviceGetInfo (oyConfig_s *device, oyNAME_e type, oyOptions_s *options, char **info_text, oyAlloc_f allocateFunc)
 get all devices matching to a device class and type More...
OYAPI int OYEXPORT oyDeviceBackendCall (oyConfig_s *device, oyOptions_s *options)
 get device answere from options More...
OYAPI int OYEXPORT oyDeviceSetProfile (oyConfig_s *device, oySCOPE_e scope, const char *profile_name)
 set the device profile More...
OYAPI int OYEXPORT oyDeviceGetProfile (oyConfig_s *device, oyOptions_s *options, oyProfile_s **profile)
 order a device profile More...
OYAPI int OYEXPORT oyDeviceAskProfile2 (oyConfig_s *device, oyOptions_s *options, oyProfile_s **profile)
 ask for the device profile More...
OYAPI int OYEXPORT oyDeviceProfileFromDB (oyConfig_s *device, char **profile_name, oyAlloc_f allocateFunc)
 look up a profile of a device from DB More...
OYAPI int OYEXPORT oyDeviceSelectSimiliar (oyConfig_s *pattern, oyConfigs_s *heap, uint32_t flags, oyConfigs_s **matched_devices)
 get similiar devices by a pattern from a list More...
OYAPI int OYEXPORT oyDeviceFromJSON (const char *json_text, oyOptions_s *options, oyConfig_s **device)
 generate a device from a JSON device calibration More...
OYAPI int OYEXPORT oyDeviceToJSON (oyConfig_s *device, oyOptions_s *options, char **json_text, oyAlloc_f allocateFunc)
 get JSON format device calibration text from a device More...
OYAPI int OYEXPORT oyDeviceCompare (oyConfig_s *module_device, oyConfig_s *db_pattern, int32_t *rank_value)
 Check for matching to a given pattern. More...

Detailed Description

[Template file inheritance graph] +– oyranos_devices.template.h

Oyranos is an open source Color Management System

2004-2022 (C) Kai-Uwe Behrmann
Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b@.nosp@m.gmx..nosp@m.de
new BSD - see: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/BSD-3-Clause

Function Documentation

◆ oyDeviceGetProfile()

OYAPI int OYEXPORT oyDeviceGetProfile ( oyConfig_s device,
oyOptions_s options,
oyProfile_s **  profile 

order a device profile

Function oyDeviceGetProfile This function is designed to satisfy most users as it tries to deliver a profile all the time. Following code can almost allways expect some profile to go with. It tries hard to get a current profile or set the system up and retry or get at least one basic profile.

For a basic and thus weaker call to the device use oyDeviceAskProfile2() instead.

devicethe device
profilethe device's ICC profile
Oyranos: 0.9.7
2009/02/08 (Oyranos: 0.1.10)

This function does a device setup in case no profile is delivered by the according module.

As a last means oyASSUMED_WEB is delivered.

image2pdf.c, and tutorial1.c.