Fleet  0.0.9
Inference in the LOT
VirtualMachine Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for VirtualMachine:


directory  Program


file  Builtins.h [code]
 The Primitive type just stores a function pointer and an Op command.
file  Primitive.h [code]
file  RuntimeCounter.h [code]
 This class manages counting operations at runtime and interfaces operations to a grammar NOTE: Currently we don't track each arg separately, since that's a pain.
file  VirtualMachineControl.h [code]
file  VirtualMachinePool.h [code]
 A little class that any VirtualMachinePool AND VirtualMachines inherit to control their behavior. NOTE That this is not passed around like Fleet::Control–it is just meant to be a place to set static variables And then it is inherited by VirtualMachinePool.
file  VirtualMachineState.h [code]
 This represents the state of a partial evaluation of a program, corresponding to the value of all of the stacks of various types (which are stored as templates from VM_TYPES). The idea here is that we want to be able to encapsulate everything about the evaluation of a tree so that we can stop it in the middle and resume later, as is required for stochastics. This must be templated because it depends on the types in the grammar. These will typically be stored in a VirtualMachinePool and not called directly, unless you know that there are no stochastics.
file  VMSRuntimeError.h [code]
file  VMStatus.h [code]