Fleet  0.0.9
Inference in the LOT
Hypotheses Directory Reference
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directory  GrammarHypotheses
directory  Interfaces
directory  StochasticVariables


file  CachedCallHypothesis.h [code]
 This is a hypothesis that allows you to cache an entire call on data. NOTE: This only catches std::exception, which is not good news.
file  ConstantContainer.h [code]
file  DeterministicLOTHypothesis.h [code]
file  Lexicon.h [code]
 A lexicon stores an association of numbers (in a vector) to some other kind of hypotheses (typically a LOTHypothesis). Each of these components is called a "factor.".
file  LOTHypothesis.h [code]
 A LOTHypothesis is the basic unit for doing LOT models. It store a Node as its value, and handles all of the proposing and computing priors, likelihoods, etc. It compiles this Node into a "program" which is used to make function calls, which means that the value should only be changed via LOTHypothesis::set_value.
file  Proposers.h [code]
file  StochasticLOTHypothesis.h [code]