Fleet  0.0.9
Inference in the LOT
Containers Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for Containers:


file  ConcurrentQueue.h [code]
 A concurrent queue class that allows multiple threads to push and consume. Note that this has a fixed, finite size (n) and when its full, we'll block. This prevents us from eating up too much memory.
file  DiscreteDistribution.h [code]
 This stores a distribution from values of T to log probabilities. It is used as the return value from calls with randomness.
file  IntegerizedStack.h [code]
file  ReservedVector.h [code]
file  Stack.h [code]
 Many things in Fleet are stacks and this is designed to allow for rapid changse to the stack type in order to improve speed. std::stack appears to be slow. Using vector with some wrappers is faster. Also, vector is great because it allows us to reference the top.
file  TopN.h [code]
file  Vector2D.h [code]
 A little trick here to force bools to act like chars and have normal std::vector iterators etc. This wastes space but prevents us from writing other code.
file  Vector3D.h [code]
file  Vectors.h [code]