Fleet  0.0.9
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Grammar Directory Reference
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directory  Enumeration


file  Grammar.h [code]
 A grammar stores all of the rules associated with any kind of nonterminal and permits us to sample as well as compute log probabilities.
file  Node.h [code]
 A Node is the primary internal representation for a program – it recursively stores a rule and the arguments to a rule. Nodes are generated by grammars and the main thing contained in a LOTHypothesis.
file  Nonterminal.h [code]
file  Rule.h [code]
 A Rule stores one possible expansion in the grammar, specifying a nonterminal type, an instruction that gets executed, a forma string, a number of children, and an array of types of each child. Here we "emulate" a type system using t_nonterminal to store an integer for the types. *.