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CrombieTools.AnalysisTools.LimitTreeMaker Namespace Reference


def SetCuts (ltm, category)
def SetupFromEnv (ltm)



Detailed Description

@todo Clean up the LimitTreeMaker python file to not depend on these extra variables in

Function Documentation

§ SetCuts()

def CrombieTools.AnalysisTools.LimitTreeMaker.SetCuts (   ltm,

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§ SetupFromEnv()

def CrombieTools.AnalysisTools.LimitTreeMaker.SetupFromEnv (   ltm)
A function that sets up the LimitTreeMaker after sourcing a config file

@param ltm The LimitTreeMaker object to set up

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References CrombieTools.DirFromEnv(), CrombieTools.CommonTools.FileConfigReader.SetFunctionFromEnv(), and CrombieTools.CommonTools.FileConfigReader.SetupConfigFromEnv().

Variable Documentation

§ newLimitTreeMaker


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