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def DirFromEnv (envVar, default='tmp_dir')
def Load (className)
def Nminus1Cut (inCut, varToRemove, returnCuts=False)



Detailed Description

@package CrombieTools
1;95;0cBase package module of everything used through python.

This contains a useful functions for compiling objects while loading
them into ROOT and for creating directories from environment variables
loaded by submodules. There are also several submodules contained in
the package.
@todo Set up a central FileConfigReader python class that other config readers inherit from
@author Daniel Abercrombie <>

Function Documentation

§ DirFromEnv()

def CrombieTools.DirFromEnv (   envVar,
  default = 'tmp_dir' 
Creates a directory stored in an environment variable.

Generally does not need to be called by the user. Multiple submodules make use of this command.
@param envVar is the name of the environment variable containing a directory name.
@param default is the default value of the directory location if the environment variable is not filled.

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Referenced by CrombieTools.PlotTools.AddOutDir(), CrombieTools.PlotTools.RatioComparison.SetupFromEnv(), CrombieTools.PlotTools.QuickPlot.SetupFromEnv(), CrombieTools.PlotTools.PlotStack.SetupFromEnv(), CrombieTools.AnalysisTools.LimitTreeMaker.SetupFromEnv(), and CrombieTools.PlotTools.SetupFromEnv().

§ Load()

def CrombieTools.Load (   className)
Loads a class from Crombie Tools into ROOT.

@param className is the name of a class in the Crombie Tools package.
@returns the function pointer for the constructor, except in the case of PlotUtils.
In that case, 0 is returned. It would be much better to import what
you need from CrombieTools.PlotTools.PlotUtils.

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References crombie_completion.dir.

§ Nminus1Cut()

def CrombieTools.Nminus1Cut (   inCut,
  returnCuts = False 
A function for getting N - 1 plots.

Given a cutstring and a variable name, all comparison expressions with that variable are removed.
@param inCut is the full cutstring
@param varToRemove is the variable to remove from the cutstring (usually a variable being plotted).
@param returnCuts sets whether to return the cuts values (True) or the new cuts string (False).
@returns a version of the cutstring without any comparisons to varToRemove or the cuts values.
@todo I want this to ignore cuts next to an '||'? Or I have the weird '&&' veto thing... That's trickier to fix

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Referenced by CrombieTools.PlotTools.PlotStack.ParallelStackContainer.MakePlot(), CrombieTools.PlotTools.PlotStack.PreparePlots(), and CrombieTools.PlotTools.RatioComparison.SetCuts().

Variable Documentation

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