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CrombieTools.LoadConfig Namespace Reference


def LoadEnv (configs)
def LoadModuleFromEnv (EnvVarName)



Detailed Description

Defines the CrombieTools.LoadConfig package
@author Daniel Abercrombie <>

@package CrombieTools.LoadConfig
Package that loads local [configuration files](@ref envconfig) into environment.

Function Documentation

§ LoadEnv()

def CrombieTools.LoadConfig.LoadEnv (   configs)
Sources bash files and loads the resulting environment into os.environ

@param configs is a list of file names that should be searched for.
A string for a single configuration file is also accepted.

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References run.strip.

§ LoadModuleFromEnv()

def CrombieTools.LoadConfig.LoadModuleFromEnv (   EnvVarName)
Loads and returns a python file named in the environment as a module.

@param EnvVarName is an environment variable containing the name of a local .py file.
@returns the module handler from importing the .py file.

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References run.strip.

Variable Documentation

§ CrombieConfigs


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