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DocPara Class Reference

Node representing a paragraph in the documentation tree. More...

#include <docnode.h>

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Public Member Functions

 DocPara (DocParser *parser, DocNodeVariant *parent)
int parse ()
bool isEmpty () const
void markFirst (bool v=TRUE)
void markLast (bool v=TRUE)
bool isFirst () const
bool isLast () const
int handleCommand (const QCString &cmdName, const int tok)
int handleHtmlStartTag (const QCString &tagName, const HtmlAttribList &tagHtmlAttribs)
int handleHtmlEndTag (const QCString &tagName)
int handleSimpleSection (DocSimpleSect::Type t, bool xmlContext=FALSE)
int handleXRefItem ()
int handleParamSection (const QCString &cmdName, DocParamSect::Type t, bool xmlContext, int direction)
void handleIncludeOperator (const QCString &cmdName, DocIncOperator::Type t)
template<class T >
void handleFile (const QCString &cmdName)
void handleInclude (const QCString &cmdName, DocInclude::Type t)
void handleLink (const QCString &cmdName, bool isJavaLink)
void handleCite ()
void handleDoxyConfig ()
void handleEmoji ()
void handleRef (const QCString &cmdName)
void handleSection (const QCString &cmdName)
void handleInheritDoc ()
void handleVhdlFlow ()
void handleILine ()
void handleIFile ()
void handleShowDate ()
int handleStartCode ()
int handleHtmlHeader (const HtmlAttribList &tagHtmlAttribs, int level)
bool injectToken (int tok, const QCString &tokText)
const HtmlAttribListattribs () const
void setAttribs (const HtmlAttribList &attribs)
- Public Member Functions inherited from DocCompoundNode
 DocCompoundNode (DocParser *parser, DocNodeVariant *parent)
DocNodeListchildren ()
const DocNodeListchildren () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DocNode
 DocNode (DocParser *parser, DocNodeVariant *parent)
 DocNode (const DocNode &)=delete
DocNodeoperator= (const DocNode &)=delete
 DocNode (DocNode &&)=default
DocNodeoperator= (DocNode &&)=default
DocNodeVariant * parent ()
const DocNodeVariant * parent () const
DocNodeVariant * thisVariant ()
const DocNodeVariant * thisVariant () const
void setThisVariant (DocNodeVariant *thisVariant)
DocParserparser ()
const DocParserparser () const
void setParent (DocNodeVariant *parent)
bool isPreformatted () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from DocNode
enum  RefType { Unknown, Anchor, Section, Table }
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DocNode
void setInsidePreformatted (bool p)

Detailed Description

Node representing a paragraph in the documentation tree.

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