xtd - Reference Guide  0.1.0
Modern c++17 framework to create console, gui and unit test applications on Windows, macOS and Linux.
xtd::tunit::test_event_args Class Reference

Provides data for the xtd::tunit::test events. More...

#include <test_event_args.h>

Inheritance diagram for xtd::tunit::test_event_args:

Public Member Functions

 test_event_args (const xtd::tunit::test &test, const xtd::tunit::test_class &test_class, const xtd::tunit::unit_test &unit_test)
 Create a new instance of class class_event_args. More...
const xtd::tunit::testtest () const noexcept
 Gets current test. More...
const xtd::tunit::test_classtest_class () const noexcept
 Gets current class test. More...
const xtd::tunit::unit_testunit_test () const
 Gets current unit test. More...

Detailed Description

Provides data for the xtd::tunit::test events.

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