xtd - Reference Guide  0.2.0
Modern c++17/20 framework to create console, GUI and unit test applications on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and android.
io Directory Reference


file  binary_reader.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::binary_reader class.
file  binary_writer.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::binary_writer class.
file  directory.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::directory class.
file  directory_info.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::directory_info class.
file  directory_not_found_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::directory_not_found_exception exception.
file  drive_info.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::drive_info class.
file  drive_not_found_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::drive_not_found_exception exception.
file  drive_type.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::drive_type enum class.
file  end_of_stream_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::end_of_stream_exception exception.
file  file.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::file class.
file  file_access.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::file_access enum class.
file  file_attributes.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::file_attributes enum class.
file  file_format_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::file_format_exception exception.
file  file_info.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::file_info class.
file  file_load_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::file_load_exception exception.
file  file_not_found_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::file_not_found_exception exception.
file  file_system_info.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::file_system_info class.
file  io_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::io_exception exception.
file  path.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::path class.
file  path_too_long_exception.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::path_too_long_exception exception.
file  search_option.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::search_option enum class.
file  stream_reader.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::stream_reader class.
file  stream_writer.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::stream_writer class.
file  string_reader.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::string_reader class.
file  string_writer.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::string_writer class.
file  text_reader.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::text_reader class.
file  text_writer.h [code]
 Contains xtd::io::text_writer class.