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xtd::drawing::imaging Namespace Reference


The xtd.drawing.imaging namespace provides advanced GDI+ imaging functionality. Basic graphics functionality is provided by the xtd.drawing namespace.

The metafile class provides methods for recording and saving metafiles. The encoder class enables users to extend GDI+ to support any image format. The property_item class provides methods for storing and retrieving metadata in image files.


class  color_palette
 Defines an array of colors that make up a color palette. The colors are 32-bit ARGB colors. Not inheritable. More...
class  frame_dimension
 Provides properties that get the frame dimensions of an image. Not inheritable. More...
class  image_format
 Specifies the file format of the image. Not inheritable. More...
class  property_item
 Encapsulates a metadata property to be included in an image file. Not inheritable. More...


enum  image_flags {
  image_flags::none = 0,
  image_flags::scalable = 0b1,
  image_flags::has_alpha = 0b10,
  image_flags::has_translucent = 0b100,
  image_flags::partially_scalable = 0b1000,
  image_flags::color_space_rgb = 0b10000,
  image_flags::color_space_cmyk = 0b100000,
  image_flags::color_space_gray = 0b1000000,
  image_flags::color_space_ycbcr = 0b10000000,
  image_flags::color_space_ycck = 0b100000000,
  image_flags::has_real_dpi = 0b1000000000000,
  image_flags::has_real_pixel_size = 0b10000000000000,
  image_flags::read_only = 0b10000000000000000,
  image_flags::caching = 0b100000000000000000
 Specifies the attributes of the pixel data contained in an xtd::drawing::image object. The xtd::drawing:iImage::flags property returns a member of this enumeration. More...
enum  pixel_format {
  pixel_format::undefined = 0,
  pixel_format::dont_care = 0,
  pixel_format::max = 0x0000000F,
  pixel_format::indexed = 0x00010000,
  pixel_format::gdi = 0x00020000,
  pixel_format::format16bpp_rgb555 = 0x00021005,
  pixel_format::format16bpp_rgb565 = 0x00021006,
  pixel_format::format24bpp_rgb = 0x00021808,
  pixel_format::format32bpp_rgb = 0x00022009,
  pixel_format::format1bpp_indexed = 0x00030101,
  pixel_format::format4bpp_indexed = 0x00030402,
  pixel_format::format8bpp_indexed = 0x00030803,
  pixel_format::alpha = 0x00040000,
  pixel_format::format16bpp_argb1555 = 0x00061007,
  pixel_format::palpha = 0x00080000,
  pixel_format::format32bpp_pargb = 0x000E200B,
  pixel_format::extended = 0x00100000,
  pixel_format::format16bpp_gray_scale = 0x00101004,
  pixel_format::format48bpp_rgb = 0x0010300C,
  pixel_format::format64bpp_pargb = 0x001C400E,
  pixel_format::canonical = 0x00200000,
  pixel_format::format32bpp_argb = 0x0026200A,
  pixel_format::format64bpp_argb = 0x0034400D
 Specifies the format of the color data for each pixel in the image. More...