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Object idenfied by an integer (tag). More...

#include <TaggedObject.h>

Inheritance diagram for XC::TaggedObject:
XC::CrdTransf XC::CyclicModel XC::DamageModel XC::DOF_Group XC::DomainComponent XC::FE_Element XC::Fiber XC::FrictionModel XC::Material XC::NodeLocations XC::Parameter XC::ReliabilityDomainComponent XC::SectionRepres XC::Vertex XC::YieldSurface_BC XC::YS_Evolution

Public Member Functions

 TaggedObject (int tag, CommandEntity *owr=nullptr)
 Constructor. More...
virtual TaggedObjectgetCopy (void) const
 Virtual constructor.
void assignTag (int newTag)
 Set tag (to be called from Python interface).
int getTag (void) const
 Returns the tag associated with the object.
virtual void Print (std::ostream &, int flag=0) const
 Print stuff.

Protected Member Functions

void setTag (int newTag)
 Set tag. More...


class ElementHandler
class Communicator
template<class T >
T * getBrokedTagged (const int &, const int &, const int &, FEM_ObjectBroker &, T *(FEM_ObjectBroker::*ptrFunc)(int))
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &, const TaggedObject &)

Detailed Description

Object idenfied by an integer (tag).

TaggedObject is used as a base class to represent all classes that may have a integer identifier, a tag, to identify the object. It is used in the framework as a base class for many classes, for example DomainComponent and Vertex. The class is provided so that container classes can be written to store objects and provide access to them. This saves us rewriting container classes for each type of object. (templates will be able to provide this functionality when they are provided with all compilers).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ TaggedObject()

XC::TaggedObject::TaggedObject ( int  tag,
CommandEntity *  owr = nullptr 


Constructs a TaggedObject with a tag given by tag. The tag of a component is some unique means of identifying the component among like components, i.e. the tag of a node would be its unique node number.

tagobject identifier.
owrobject owner (this object is somewhat contained by).

Member Function Documentation

§ setTag()

void XC::TaggedObject::setTag ( int  newTag)

Set tag.

Sets the tag of the object to be newTag. It is provided so that MovableObjects can set their tag in recvSelf().

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