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XC::DomainComponent Class Reference

Base class for domain components (nodes, elements, constraints, loads,...). More...

#include <DomainComponent.h>

Inheritance diagram for XC::DomainComponent:
XC::TaggedObject XC::MovableObject XC::DistributedBase XC::ContinuaReprComponent XC::ForceReprComponent XC::Load XC::Constraint XC::MeshComponent XC::MeshRegion XC::LoadPatternCombination XC::NodeLocker XC::ElementalLoad XC::NodalLoad XC::MFreedom_ConstraintBase XC::SFreedom_Constraint XC::Element XC::Node XC::LoadCombination XC::LoadPattern XC::ElementBodyLoad XC::MFreedom_Constraint XC::MRMFreedom_Constraint XC::ImposedMotionBase XC::ElementBase< 2 > XC::ElementBase< 20 > XC::ElementBase< 27 > XC::ElementBase< 8 > XC::ElementBase< NNODOS > XC::ElementBase< NNODES > XC::fElement XC::NewElement XC::Subdomain XC::DummyNode XC::EQBasePattern XC::PBowlLoading XC::BeamLoad XC::BidimLoad XC::BrickSelfWeight XC::SelfWeight XC::TrussStrainLoad

Public Member Functions

 ~DomainComponent (void)
size_t getIdx (void) const
 Returns the index of the object (to be used in VTK arrays).
virtual void setDomain (Domain *theDomain)
 Sets the pointer to the domain. More...
virtual DomaingetDomain (void) const
 Returns a pointer to the enclosing domain. More...
const PreprocessorgetPreprocessor (void) const
 Returns (if possible) a pointer to the preprocessor.
PreprocessorgetPreprocessor (void)
 Return (if possible) a pointer to the preprocessor.
const LoadPatterngetCurrentLoadPattern (void) const
 Return the current load pattern.
LoadPatterngetCurrentLoadPattern (void)
 Return the current load pattern.
void set_index (const size_t &i)
 Set the index for the object (see numera in Set). More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from XC::TaggedObject
 TaggedObject (int tag, CommandEntity *owr=nullptr)
 Constructor. More...
virtual TaggedObjectgetCopy (void) const
 Virtual constructor.
void assignTag (int newTag)
 Set tag (to be called from Python interface).
int getTag (void) const
 Returns the tag associated with the object.
virtual void Print (std::ostream &, int flag=0) const
 Print stuff.
- Public Member Functions inherited from XC::MovableObject
 MovableObject (int classTag, int dbTag)
 Constructor. More...
 MovableObject (int classTag)
 Constructor. More...
 MovableObject (const MovableObject &)
 Copy constructor. Doesn't copy the dbTag.
MovableObjectoperator= (const MovableObject &)
 Assignment operator. Doesn't copy the dbTag.
int getClassTag (void) const
 Return the class identifier.
int getDbTag (void) const
 Return the object identifier in the database.
int getDbTag (Communicator &)
 Return the object identifier in the database.
void setDbTag (int dbTag)
 Sets the object identifier in the database.
void setDbTag (Communicator &)
 Sets the object identifier in the database if not already set. More...
virtual int sendSelf (Communicator &comm)=0
 Send the object. More...
virtual int recvSelf (const Communicator &comm)=0
 Receive the object. More...
virtual int setParameter (const std::vector< std::string > &argv, Parameter &param)
 Sets the value param to the parameter argv.
virtual int updateParameter (int parameterID, Information &info)
 Updates the parameter identified by parameterID with info.
virtual int activateParameter (int parameterID)
 Activates the parameter identified by parameterID.
virtual int setVariable (const std::string &variable, Information &)
 Set the value of the variable idenfified by var.
virtual int getVariable (const std::string &variable, Information &)
 Return the value of the variable idenfified by var.
- Public Member Functions inherited from XC::DistributedBase
 DistributedBase (void)
virtual ~DistributedBase (void)
virtual DbTagDatagetDbTagData (void) const
 Returns a vector to store class dbTags.
const int & getDbTagDataPos (const int &i) const
 Returns the data at the i-th position.
void setDbTagDataPos (const int &i, const int &v)
 Sets the data at the i-th position.
void inicComm (const int &dataSize) const
 Initializes communication.

Protected Member Functions

 DomainComponent (int tag, int classTag)
 Constructor. More...
int sendData (Communicator &)
 Send object members through the communicator argument.
int recvData (const Communicator &)
 Receive object members through the communicator argument.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from XC::TaggedObject
void setTag (int newTag)
 Set tag. More...

Detailed Description

Base class for domain components (nodes, elements, constraints, loads,...).

Base class for the different components of a domain. Each object of these types is a component of an enclosing Domain object. The DomainComponent class provides methods to set and retrieve a pointer to the enclosing domain object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ DomainComponent()

XC::DomainComponent::DomainComponent ( int  tag,
int  classTag 


Constructs a DomainComponent. The tag of a component is some unique means of identifying the component among like components, i.e. the tag of a node would be its unique node number. No domain is associated with the object.

tagobject identifier.
classTagclass identifier.

Member Function Documentation

§ getDomain()

XC::Domain * XC::DomainComponent::getDomain ( void  ) const

Returns a pointer to the enclosing domain.

Returns a pointer to the Domain to which the component was added, or \(0\) if the setDomain() command was never called on the object.

§ set_index()

void XC::DomainComponent::set_index ( const size_t &  i)

Set the index for the object (see numera in Set).

This index is used on VTK arrays.

§ setDomain()

void XC::DomainComponent::setDomain ( Domain model)

Sets the pointer to the domain.

Sets the encompassing domain of the component to that given by {theDomain}. This method is invoked by theDomain when the component is being added to the domain, in an {addDomain..} invocation (see interface for Domain).

Reimplemented in XC::TwentyNodeBrick, XC::ZeroLengthContact3D, XC::EightNodeBrick, XC::Element, XC::TwentyEightNodeBrickUP, XC::ZeroLengthContact2D, XC::Joint2D, XC::UpdatedLagrangianBeam2D, XC::ZeroLength, XC::TwentyNodeBrick_u_p_U, XC::fElement, XC::BeamColumnJoint3d, XC::Joint3D, XC::EnhancedQuad, XC::Twenty_Node_Brick, XC::BeamWithHinges2d, XC::BeamWithHinges3d, XC::BeamColumnJoint2d, XC::ZeroLengthSection, XC::PBowlLoading, XC::LoadPattern, XC::FlatSliderSimple2d, XC::NineNodeMixedQuad, XC::Brick, XC::EightNodeBrick_u_p_U, XC::TwentySevenNodeBrick, XC::NLBeamColumn2d, XC::TotalLagrangianFD20NodeBrick, XC::BrickUP, XC::LoadPatternCombination, XC::ElasticBeam2d, XC::Truss, XC::DispBeamColumn2dBase, XC::DispBeamColumn3d, XC::ElasticBeam3d, XC::NineFourNodeQuadUP, XC::BbarBrick, XC::ConstantPressureVolumeQuad, XC::Tri31, XC::NodalLoad, XC::ShellNLDKGQ, XC::FourNodeQuadUP, XC::MFreedom_Joint3D, XC::FourNodeQuad, XC::beam2d02, XC::ForceBeamColumn3d, XC::TotalLagrangianFD8NodeBrick, XC::NLBeamColumn3d, XC::ForceBeamColumn2d, XC::UniformExcitation, XC::Spring, XC::TrussSection, XC::FlatSliderSimple3d, XC::CorotTruss, XC::MFreedom_Joint, XC::beam2d03, XC::NewElement, XC::ShellMITC9, XC::beam3d02, XC::CorotTrussSection, XC::SingleFPSimple2d, XC::SingleFPSimple3d, XC::NodeLocker, XC::Element1D, XC::Constraint, XC::ShellMITC4Base, XC::ImposedMotionBase, XC::PlaneElement< NNODES, PhysProp >, XC::PlaneElement< 4, SolidMech2D >, XC::PlaneElement< 9, PhysProp >, XC::PlaneElement< 3, SolidMech2D >, XC::PlaneElement< 4, SectionFDPhysicalProperties >, XC::PlaneElement< 3, PhysProp >, XC::PlaneElement< 4, PhysProp >, XC::PlaneElement< 4, NDMaterialPhysicalProperties >, XC::PlaneElement< 9, SectionFDPhysicalProperties >, XC::ElementBodyLoad, and XC::RigidBase.

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