Crombie Tools
Crombie Tools

Welcome to the CrombieTools package.

This contains everything I use to analyze flat trees in ROOT. After installation, it can basically be treated as a Python package with some handy command line tools thrown in. The backend is mostly classes written in C++.


This package should be useable on a system with ROOT 6.05/02 or higher and Python 2.7 installed. To install, first check that ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile on MACOSX exsists. If not type touch ~/.bashrc or touch ~/.bash_profile. Then simply do the following:

git clone
cd CrombieTools

The install script will add the necessary lines environment variables to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile. After it finishes, either source your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile file again, log out and back in, or just open a new terminal window.

After installation, it's recommended that you run tests.

Other Topics

From GitHub, you can follow these links. Navigate with the sidebar if viewing Doxgen-generated pages.

Running Tests
Analysis Workspace
Command Line Tools Reference

Use the tabs or sidebar of the reference website to explore different classes available through CrombieTools.


Document the fitting tools