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CrombieTools.Parallelization Namespace Reference


def RunOnDirectory (objectToRun, procs=DefaultNumProcs, printing=True)
def RunParallel (objectToRun, functionName, parametersLists, procs=DefaultNumProcs, printing=True, doCopy=True)



Detailed Description

Defines the CrombieTools.Parallelization package.
@author Daniel Abercrombie <>

@package CrombieTools.Parallelization
Package for running processes in parallel.
Submodule of CrombieTools.

Function Documentation

§ RunOnDirectory()

def CrombieTools.Parallelization.RunOnDirectory (   objectToRun,
  procs = DefaultNumProcs,
  printing = True 
Runs an objectToRun over a directory.

@param objectToRun has GetInDirectory() and RunOnFile() function members.
This function then runs the objectToRun's over all the files in that directory.
@param procs is the maximum number of processes to start.
@param printing tells which files are about to be processed and how long they took if True.

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References crombie_completion.dir, and CrombieTools.Parallelization.RunParallel().

§ RunParallel()

def CrombieTools.Parallelization.RunParallel (   objectToRun,
  procs = DefaultNumProcs,
  printing = True,
  doCopy = True 
Starts parallel processes.

@param objectToRun is an objectToRun that can be copied and run independently when
it's own Copy() function is called.
@param functionName is the str name of the function that will be run in multiple instances.
@param parametersLists is a list of lists. Each sublist contains the parameters for the functionName.
@param procs is the maximum number of processors that will be used.
@param printing tells which files are about to be processed and how long they took if True.
@param doCopy copies the object that the function should be run over

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References crombie_completion.dir.

Referenced by CrombieTools.PlotTools.PlotStack.MakePlots(), and CrombieTools.Parallelization.RunOnDirectory().

Variable Documentation

§ DefaultNumProcs


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