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CrombieTools.PlotTools.PlotStack Namespace Reference


class  ParallelStackContainer


def MakePlots (categories, regions, exprArgs, overwrite=True, parallel=True, showCutLines=True, limitHistsDir='', aPlotter=plotter, systematics=None)
def PreparePlots (categories, regions, exprArgs, systematics=None, envelope=None)
def ReadExceptionConfig (region, aPlotter=plotter)
def SetCuts (category, region, aPlotter=plotter)
def SetupFromEnv (aPlotter=plotter)



Function Documentation

§ MakePlots()

def CrombieTools.PlotTools.PlotStack.MakePlots (   categories,
  overwrite = True,
  parallel = True,
  showCutLines = True,
  limitHistsDir = '',
  aPlotter = plotter,
  systematics = None 
Shortcut to make plots for multiple categories and regions with the same setup.

@param categories is a list of categories to plot.
@param regions is a list of the regions to plot.
@param exprArgs is a list of lists of parameters to be used in PlotStack::MakeCanvas().
                Normally, the first expression is the default expression to be plotted.
                The basename of the output file is automatically set by this.
                If the last argument is actually a dictionary, it will be passed as
                key word arguments to ParallelStackContainer.MakePlot() instead.
                Key words supported in dictionary and types:
                    - data_expr takes a string (default '')
                    - cut_lines takes a list of floats (default from Nminus1Cut)
                    - var_name takes a string (default variable in exprArgs)
                    - doNminus1 takes a bool (default True)
@param overwrite overwrites old plots with the same name if set to true.
                 Otherwise, those plots are skipped.
@param parallel determines whether or not to run the plots in a Multiprocess fashion.
@param showCutLines determines whether or not to show the cut lines that would otherwise exist in
                    any N - 1 plots generated.
@param limitHistsDir is the directory to place files with the histograms for the limits fit.
@param aPlotter is the plotter to use to plot. The default is the plotter defined in this module.
@param systematics is a dictionary pointing to a list of affected branches for each systematic

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References CrombieTools.Parallelization.RunParallel().

§ PreparePlots()

def CrombieTools.PlotTools.PlotStack.PreparePlots (   categories,
  systematics = None,
  envelope = None 
Prepares plotter with plots to make
@param categories list of categories
@param regions list of regions to plot
@param exprArgs list of tuples containing (expr, nbins, xbins) or (expr, nbins, min, max)
@param systematics is a dictionary pointing to a list of affected branches for each systematic
@param envelope is a dictionary that points to lists of weight branches to generate an envelope

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References CrombieTools.Nminus1Cut().

Referenced by PlotPreparer.GetHistList().

§ ReadExceptionConfig()

def CrombieTools.PlotTools.PlotStack.ReadExceptionConfig (   region,
  aPlotter = plotter 
Reads an [exception configuation](@ref formatmc) file from the [environment](@ref envconfig).

@param region is the region that needs a different configuration that's about to be plotted.
@param aPlotter is the plotter that will be adjusted. The default is the plotter defined in this module.

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§ SetCuts()

def CrombieTools.PlotTools.PlotStack.SetCuts (   category,
  aPlotter = plotter 
Sets cuts based on category and region.

@param category is the category of the analysis being used.
@param region is the region of the plot being set.
@param aPlotter is the plotter that is having its cuts set.
                Default is the plotter defined in this module.

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Referenced by CrombieTools.PlotTools.PlotStack.ParallelStackContainer.MakePlot().

§ SetupFromEnv()

def CrombieTools.PlotTools.PlotStack.SetupFromEnv (   aPlotter = plotter)
A function that sets up a plotter after sourcing a config file.

@param aPlotter is the plotter to setup. Defaults to plotter in this module.

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References CrombieTools.DirFromEnv(), CrombieTools.CommonTools.FileConfigReader.SetFunctionFromEnv(), and CrombieTools.CommonTools.FileConfigReader.SetupConfigFromEnv().

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