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CrombieTools.PlotTools.RatioComparison Namespace Reference


def SetCuts (category1, region1, region2, category2=None, aPlotter=plotter, Nminus1='')
def SetupFromEnv (aPlotter=plotter)



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§ SetCuts()

def CrombieTools.PlotTools.RatioComparison.SetCuts (   category1,
  category2 = None,
  aPlotter = plotter,
  Nminus1 = '' 
Sets cuts based on category and region.

@param category1 is the category of the analysis being used.
@param region1 is the region of the numerator.
@param region2 is the region of the denominator.
@param category2 if set, is the category of the denominator.
                 Otherwise, the category is assumed to be the same
@param aPlotter is the plotter that is having its cuts set.
                Default is the plotter defined in this module.
@param Nminus1 is a parameter to not cut on

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References CrombieTools.Nminus1Cut().

§ SetupFromEnv()

def CrombieTools.PlotTools.RatioComparison.SetupFromEnv (   aPlotter = plotter)
A function that sets up a plotter after sourcing a config file.

@param aPlotter is the plotter to setup. Defaults to plotter in this module.

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References CrombieTools.DirFromEnv(), CrombieTools.CommonTools.FileConfigReader.SetFunctionFromEnv(), and CrombieTools.CommonTools.FileConfigReader.SetupConfigFromEnv().

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§ newRatioComparer


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