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def AddOutDir (basename, default_suff='plots')
def SetupFromEnv (plotter)



Function Documentation

§ AddOutDir()

def CrombieTools.PlotTools.AddOutDir (   basename,
  default_suff = 'plots' 
A function to prepend the correct output directory and make the directory, if needed

@param basename is the raw basename that is to be given to the output plot
@param default is the location given to the script if the environment variable CrombieOutPlotDir is not set

Definition at line 11 of file PlotTools/

References CrombieTools.DirFromEnv().

§ SetupFromEnv()

def CrombieTools.PlotTools.SetupFromEnv (   plotter)
A function that sets up a plotter after sourcing a config file.

@param plotter is the plotter to setup. Defaults to plotter in this module.

Definition at line 23 of file PlotTools/

References CrombieTools.DirFromEnv(), CrombieTools.CommonTools.FileConfigReader.SetFunctionFromEnv(), and CrombieTools.CommonTools.FileConfigReader.SetupConfigFromEnv().

Variable Documentation

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